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The story

Niko caught himself in a mysterious situation of a pandemic mess at the crack of 2020 dawn. The pandemic brought unemployment and isolation so he started looking at how to embark on a creative project to allow him communicate and express himself in different ways. You see, being isolated under these unprecedented times of a global pandemic, the need for communication is paramount, not to mention this is the time to exercise cooking skills and some in-house photo projects.

Besides, Niko always wanted to start a food blog; be it for a little housekeeping of his messy hard disks with photos and recipes, or for sharing the recipes he loves to create and cook for friends, family, and whoever is interested. Food sharing is one of the basic cultural habits of his Greek heritage so talking about food, sharing culinary experiences, and getting feedback about his recipes, highly fascinate him.


Many people say starting a blog is not that hard in the days of AI, but for Niko was like a mountain to climb. His constant opponent was time and space. As a full-time, working family in a busy megacity with a little young boy growing up, priorities turned upside down. But God heard him. And God said, "let there be time". And there was time; the pandemic broke and has thrown unemployment at many, including Niko. And he found himself home, a full-time daddy with a toddler to look after. And he saw this time and space, and it was a good time to start.

Albeit full-time dad, Niko's moto is there's always time one can devise to experiment with new cooking techniques, ingredients, recipes but also evolve old recipes, exercise photography, and do relaxing things like taking care of plants. The path to discovering your 'Ikigai' as the Japanese say. These blog pages are about sharing passions and ideas and getting inspiration from a broad circle of the like-minded.

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Niko Douniko Food Photography
Niko in the Moroccan Desert

The Blog

In this blog I will be sharing recipes that I’ve been experimenting on and cooking for years, taking a healthy and balanced approach to everything without compromising taste. Recipes are usually coming from family (both mum and grandma cooked a lot), from travels in foodie destinations, or inspired by cookbooks that I frantically collect. As a father of a young child, I like to introduce fun activities for kids with every recipe to get them involved and help them acquire some healthy habits.


From time to time, I also share travel stories with our little fella and how we survive keeping both him and us happy wherever we’ve been around the world.


The last bit I recently started promoting through this site is food photography.  I am certainly not (at least yet) a full-time professional food photographer, but rather a home cook and a photography enthusiast with good knowledge of the technical aspects, a lot of practice, and a few achievements. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always carried a camera and taken snaps almost everywhere I’ve been. Photography is my second nature and it feels I am into photography like forever. To my latest addiction in food photography, and I have invested a lot and geared up to create a small home studio in Ealing, West London (which is also portable enough so I can move it around at customer sites) and get all the nice shots coming with every recipe. In my photos, you will see food styling with my (or my wife’s) personal taste and a lot of little helpers’ hands too ;-) I hope you like the result coming on your screens and enjoy my recipes and photography.

If you do like my photography style and are interested in getting your food shaped and photographed for professional use, click below and get in touch for a friendly free consultation.


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